Donald Trump’s Victory: The Implications

The last three weeks have shown us that the American people made the right choice in this election. Cities have been swarmed with thousands of protestors, who shut down traffic and clashed with the police. There is even an online petition to ask the electoral college not to vote for Trump. Undermining our electoral process is certainly a wonderful example to set. The riots and this foolish petition reveal the character of the people who were vying for power in this election, and thankfully were unsuccessful. The violence that has been committed will only make Americans move further away from the left.

The people who rioted are indeed a representation of the left. This is because there has not been any condemnation of these acts on the part of prominent Democrats, especially by Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. “I suspect that there’s not a president in our history that hasn’t been subject to these protests,” said Obama. “So, I would not advise people who feel strongly or who are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign, I wouldn’t advise them to be silent.” He did not have a word of condemnation for those who started the riots, and instead gave them legitimacy as people who “feel strongly” about the issues. These people are not protestors, but rather they are thugs, rabble-rousers and vandals who are disrupting domestic tranquility. Given what we have learned from Project Veritas’ videos, the rioters are likely to be funded and organized by democratic operatives.

Hillary Clinton herself publicly attacked Donald Trump for not being clear about whether he would accept the results of the election. Clinton said “it is a direct threat to our democracy.” Are these riots not a threat to our democracy? If disputing the election results is a threat to our democracy, why did she then join in the recount process initiated by Green Party candidate Jill Stein? Funnily enough, the potential recounts would be in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, states which Trump won. Clinton is looking like even more of a hypocrite now, which I did not think was possible. I think this action on her part shows just how shell shocked the left is at her defeat. The Democratic Party used all of its capital trying to get Hillary into the White House, and now faces an existential crisis.

The Democratic Party for all intents and purposes, will never be the same. There is a civil war being waged within the party over which direction the party is to go in. Robert Reich called for a new Democratic Party “that will do everything possible to advance the progressive agenda at state and local levels.” The progressives are trying to take control of the party and shift its policies even further to the left. They want to double down on their policy preferences because they believe that they lost the election because they were not progressive enough. Reich wants the new Democratic Party to “turn millions of people into an activist army.” America has already seen this “activist army” disrupting traffic and causing civil unrest in its cities. Reich’s proposal will only serve to scare more Americans into supporting Republicans. I predict that the progressives will succeed in taking the party even further to the left. They will most likely adopt Bernie Sanders’ economic policies and attempt to gain more control over the lives of Americans. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks issued a threat of “rebuilding the Democratic Party to the point that they are afraid of us.” The word “us” referring to the progressives. The Democrats who do not join the progressives will either be bullied into accepting the progressive agenda or be made to leave the party all together. This will only serve to push more people further away from the Democratic Party. The implications of such a shift remain to be seen.

The Republican Party has also been transformed, from a party that was not fit for purpose, to one that will be led by Donald Trump. Republicans in congress who did not support him were weeded out in the election. Senator Mark Kirk from Illinois lost to Democrat Tammy Duckworth after criticizing Trump, saying he was “too bigoted and racist for the Land of Lincoln.” The Republican party is at last being held accountable by conservatives in America. Trump is the future of the party and those who do not support him will not be reelected. The next two years will reveal how the Republican party responds to its base repudiating the establishment. I believe that Trump will be able to implement key parts of his agenda, which include building the wall, deporting criminal illegal aliens, and repealing Obamacare. The 2018 midterm elections could be good for Republicans should Trump do well with this congress.

In addition to defeating both party establishments, Donald Trump has effectively destroyed the mainstream media and its influence on the American people. This is because the media used all of its political capital trying to get Hillary Clinton into the White House. They lied, race-baited and slandered as much as they could to stop Trump. Media outlets were certain of a Hillary victory, with the Huffington Post election forecast giving Clinton a 98% chance of winning the election. The New York Times gave Clinton an 85% chance of winning. CNN’s road to 270 map gave Clinton 268 electoral votes before election day. NBC’s final battleground map had Clinton at 274 electoral votes and Trump at 170. The organizations involved in data modeling have also been discredited. Professor Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia went on CNN and said that Clinton would get 352 electoral votes. The Princeton Election Consortium gave Clinton a 99% chance of winning based on their statistical models. FiveThirtyEight’s models predicted a 71.4% chance of a Clinton victory. These numbers show the disconnect between the media and the American people. They had no idea just how many silent Trump supporters there were in the country. Have media outlets learned from this election? No. Instead, they continue to try and turn the public against Trump by calling his cabinet appointees racist and saying he will go back on his campaign promises. They have already tried this during the election, and it will fail again. The fact that the media has not learned from this election means that they will continue to lose even harder in the future.

It was satisfying to see the sad faces on members of the media as the results came in. Trump played the media like a fiddle in this election, using them to propagate his own message as a form of free advertising. CNN president Jeff Zucker confessed at a talk at Harvard that “we probably did put on too many of his campaign rallies.” Donald Trump understood that he is the media’s main source of viewership, and that they could not resist covering anything he said or did. The mainstream media tried to create their own narrative about how bigoted Trump is, but they were quickly debunked by alternate news sources. Alternative media sources are what made Trump’s victory possible, because they had the ability to deconstruct the media’s narratives as they were being created. They have effectively turned mainstream media outlets into dinosaurs through their usage of the internet. The mainstream media is not worth paying attention to anymore, given how detached they were from reality in this election.

Donald Trump’s victory has also discredited all of the pollsters who predicted the results of this election. Bill Mitchell of YourVoice Radio examined the polls and found that they had oversampled democrats, women and college-educated people in their polls. All of those demographics leaned towards Hillary Clinton. He also found that most of the national polls were an average of D +11 in their sampling, which means that Democrats were way oversampled. It is little wonder that the election results contradicted the polls, since they did not represent reality at all. Megyn Kelly of Fox News asked her colleagues, “You tell me if the polling industry is effectively done?” I think we all know the answer to that question.

I believe that Donald Trump’s victory could also spell the end of the social justice movement in America. Having seen the exit polling in this election, it is clear that the social justice warriors do not represent who they profess to represent. Exit polling showed that 52% of white women voted for Donald Trump. SJWs profess to be advocates for women, but they were clearly rejected by white women who felt that Trump, the polar opposite of an SJW, would serve their interests better. It also goes to show that people are not just the racial and gender identities that are assigned to them by progressives. Identity politics was not effective in this election. The American people voted against progressives and SJWs in this election more than they voted for Donald Trump. Among those who saw both candidates as unfavorable, Trump had an advantage of 47% to 30% over Clinton. The electorate was willing to vote for Donald Trump in an effort to stop Hillary Clinton and the progressives. Donald Trump did not win the election because of racism. Unless the progressives and SJWs confront this reality, they will continue to lose in the future just as they have lost consistently this year.

Donald Trump’s victory is a result of a confluence of dissatisfaction amongst voters with the political establishment, mainstream media and progressives. Americans voted Trump into office on the promise that he would bring change. Among voters who thought the ability to bring change was the quality that mattered most in a candidate, 82% voted for Trump. The American people are tired of identity politics and the leftist agenda. They want to see America be great again. Should Trump deliver on his promises, he could wound the Democrats and the progressives who control them for at least one generation, and the country would be better for it.

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