A Crisis of Civilization: Saving the West

I have started this blog in light of the horrible tragedy in Nice, which I believe is yet another attack in the war the West is in with Islam. My condolences go out the families of those who were killed or injured in the attack. My mind will forever hold the image of that poor little girl who is in a body bag next to her doll. If that image does not inspire us to fight to defend our civilization, I don’t know what will.

As of now, I believe that we in the West are in a struggle for the preservation of our civilization. Our ancestors have fought and died to hand us the freedoms and we enjoy today. It is not our right to give away the centuries of progress the West has made. Unfortunately, the West has abandoned the principles that have made it great and has instead followed the delusions of socialism and multiculturalism.

We have witnessed the government both here in America and in Europe spend their populations into oblivion, creating massive national debts. Moreover, they continue borrow using the productivity of their children as collateral. America, as of now, has a national debt of about $19.3 trillion dollars. The debt to GDP ratio is 104.17%. According to Forbes.com, federal unfunded liabilities exceed $127 trillion. In spite of this, our government continues deficit spending at alarming rates, with a deficit of $439 billion in the 2015 fiscal year.

Immigration has also been a central issue in both American and European politics.

In America, we are struggling with an influx of millions of illegal immigrants in our border with Mexico. We are told that we are a nation of immigrants, which is true to the degree to which the original settlers who created the nation were Dutch and English. However, the nature of immigrants to America up until 1965 were white Europeans, with Judeo-Christian values and heritage. This is not to say that there were not regional differences, but they all assimilated within one or two generations. The post 1965 immigrants to the United States were mostly from Mexico and other third world countries. The immigration policy of the United States for the last 50 years has been used to dilute down the American culture and import people from the third world who will be a reliable voting block for the Democrat party. The character of our nation is going to change from a Western nation based on Judeo-Christian values to that of a third world country in the process.

Europe is going through its own immigration crisis from the Middle East. The civil war in Syria in addition to the turmoil in North Africa has led to a massive migration of millions of muslims across the Mediterranean. Angela Merkel made perhaps the biggest policy mistake in European history by allowing millions of muslim migrants to enter Germany and give them free range to move through the EU. The surge in terrorism since the beginning of the crisis has been unprecedented. Gangs of muslim men are raping German women, as we saw in the New Year’s Eve attacks that occurred in Cologne and other German cities. They are also putting more strain on German taxpayers by consuming welfare. Furthermore, ISIS has taken advantage of the migration to get their members into Europe. We have seen evidence of this in the form of massive terrorist attacks, particularly in France, which has seen a terrorist attack every other month for the past two years.

The combination of massive national debts and third world immigration is going to lead to collapse of the West both financially and culturally. In America, internal divisions between the races also threaten to tear apart the fabric of our nation. The recent murder of 5 police officers by a Black Lives Matter sympathizer is perhaps the most grim reminder of this danger. I intend to fight back against these threats to our civilization with my intellect and hopefully do my part in finding a peaceful solution to these problems. The posts on this blog will focus on politics and the existential threats that the West faces.

As an immigrant to the United States, I want to preserve the country that my family came to enjoy. I also want to advance the cause of human liberty through my efforts. I hope that I can enlighten others with the truth so that we may preserve our civilization and pass on the gift of liberty to our posterity.

2 thoughts on “A Crisis of Civilization: Saving the West”

  1. Nice blog but you clearly worry about the decline of the West without regard to those other countries in the world who have being depleted of their natural resources for the enrichment of the West. You talked about the millions of illegal immigrants..true, if fair trade was existing, I am sure those illegal immigrants would not have decided to leave their countries for a better future which they think they will find the West. When the US and European countries go to war and dictate what is “right or wrong” to other countries killing thousand of people with their drones strike and other means necessary to get what they want, the consensus is that “the west is just trying to make the world a better place”.When Bush went to war in Irak which by the way resulted in about “250,000 deaths”, he is “hero”… How about the families of innocent people who were just going about their everyday business??? No one cares for them, no one cries for them…the media is silent to that…
    You talked about muslim like all muslims are terrorists….Muslims are not terrorist…
    Radicalism is just the creation of the West, by the West and for the termination of the West..
    I have a lot to say, but I’ve got to go….maybe later….

    1. Great initiative and great post! Although I can’t be as insightful as perhaps a lot of others, I do think you have very interesting ideas and as a fellow first gen, I can relate to a lot of what you’re saying. I look forward to your other posts!!

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