Trump Wins! Time to Rejoice

In the early hours of November 9th, we saw perhaps the greatest political feat in American history. Donald Trump, against all odds, both party establishments, a corrupt media, misleading pollsters and millions of naysayers, has become the president elect of the United States. He has changed the face of American politics forever by finally giving a voice to people who were disenfranchised by the elites in Washington. Trump is not bound by special interests, unlike all of the other candidates who ran for president. He will also have Republican majorities in both the Senate and the House. I am confident that he will do everything that he said he will do in his campaign.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has worked to get the facts out to people and voice their opinions in the face of an avalanche of vitriol. I would also like to thank everyone who has read this blog and kept their minds open to my perspective. History will look favorably upon all who contributed to this movement.

Most of all, I owe my gratitude to Donald Trump. Before this election cycle, he had a wonderful life. He was the head of a multibillion dollar real estate empire and is married to a supermodel. He chose to forego all of that and subject himself to the innumerable attacks and slanders directed towards him in his campaign. He stood tall and strong in the face of all the opposition from the media and both parties and defeated them all soundly. He discredited all the pollsters who predicted he would lose and all the media outlets that slandered him. Donald Trump chose to campaign because he loves America and wants to make it great again. Now, we will have the pleasure of enjoying the fruits of his endeavors in the coming years.

To all of those who spread vitriol, biased polls, false media narratives and promoted unfounded rape allegations against Trump, there is no forgiveness. Thanks to the internet, your words will be online forever. The next time you decide to push the same blather or make any predictions everyone will point to what you said during this election cycle. You will not longer be a part of rational dialogue in this country. I spent a lot of time on Facebook after the election and was angered, but not surprised, at the level of hatred that was directed towards Trump and his supporters.

I know that those who support Hillary don’t know why people voted for Trump. I know that they think that Trump supporters are racist, when in fact they are not. The people who voted for Donald Trump did so because they thought that his policies would be in their best interest. They had their interests ignored by the media and the political establishment. Trump supporters were repeatedly told by those on the left that voting in their own self-interest was racist. When those disenfranchised people ended up voting against Democrats, people on the left reeled off a list of insults (dumb, racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobe, islamophobe) to demean them. Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks exemplified this when she described women who voted for Trump as “fucking dumb” and that she “had no respect for them.” The left only respects women and minorities when they vote for them. If they are on the right, they are treated not as people, but rather objects that can be attacked mercilessly and cruelly. Also, isn’t it amazing how Donald Trump, after being in the public eye for four decades, was only accused of being a racist, sexist, xenophobe when he chose to run against Hillary Clinton? This sort of political discourse must stop if our nation is to survive another election.

I think everyone who participated in such slanders against those who disagree with them should be laid out to pasture. We should deny all media outlets that have done so viewership and make public all of the hateful statements made by vicious ideologues. They are the real “basket of deplorables.” We need to take away all the incentives to engage in such repugnant behavior through economic boycotts of the media and social ostracism of those who smear people who disagree with them. We cannot hope to have a civil society when this is the level of discourse that the citizenry is engaging in. Perhaps this will change during the Trump administration, but it is going to take the efforts of those of us involved in the movement to ensure that it happens.

Trump’s victory showed all the peoples of the world that they too can push back against the elites and take back control of their countries. I look forward to seeing this trend continue. But for now, we celebrate. For all of you who have played a part in this movement to save Western Civilization, take a well-earned break. You truly deserve it.

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