Hillary’s America: Movie Review

I begin this review of “Hillary’s America” with the words of Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine who said in his speech last night at the DNC, “If any one of you are looking for the party of Lincoln, we’ve got a home for you here in the Democratic Party.” I have never come closer to destroying my own television as I did when I heard him say those words. I can see why Dinesh D’Souza was inspired to make this film when such ignorance in prevalent in our country. D’Souza’s film evicerates the Democratic Party and its presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. It reveals the untold history of the Democratic party and clearly shows that it is indeed not the party of Lincoln.

D’Souza produced and narrated the film. It does an excellent job of story-telling by using the visual. The actors in the film with excellent production value depict historical events very convincingly.

Among these events is how Andrew Jackson organized the massacres of Indians as well as supported slavery. Many others who have reviewed this film say it is full of conspiracy theories. This in fact is not a conspiracy, but is actually on public record. History also shows that it was the Democrats who supported slavery in both the North and the South. Democrats are also the ones who instituted Jim Crow laws and used the KKK as the terrorist arm of their party. All of the Democrat presidents from Andrew Jackson to Woodrow Wilson to Franklin Roosevelt to Lyndon Johnson are responsible for this racism.

The film shows how the Democrat Party works like a street gang, by creating scams, pitching them unknowing victims, and then deny that they created the scam when they are caught. Does this sound familiar? It began with slavery and the Trail of Tears under Jackson. The Republicans, as the film points out, were the ones who fought the Civil War to end slavery and the Democrats’ racket of slavery. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president ever elected, and led the Union to victory in the Civil War. He also fought against the Democrats to pass the 13th amendment through congress. This is why Senator Kaine earned my ire last night. The Republican party is the party of Lincoln and has remained that way ever since the end of the Civil War. D’Souza painstakingly created a list of Democrats, KKK members, and racists from 1860 to 2000 and shows that less than one percent of them switched from the Democrat to the Republican party. He also points out that as the South became less racist and more prosperous, it became more Republican.

I am especially glad that the movie went over the history of black Republican Ida B. Wells. She was a reporter who heroically fought to end lynchings. She called for blacks to arm themselves to defend themselves from the Democrat KKK. It turns out that the early attempts at gun control by the Democrats were racist in intent. Those laws were meant to make it easier for the KKK to lynch blacks without the risk of being shot.

Her story perfectly follows another theme of the film, which is how the Democrats tried to suppress blacks after the Civil War and it was the Republicans who consistently opposed them. The Democrats simply found a new scam after the Civil War, by holding blacks in bondage through the creation of plantations in the inner cities.

A part of this scam was Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project, which was intended to exterminate the black population in America through abortion. She recruited black church ministers to spread her message while hiding her malicious intent. She also gave speeches in front of the KKK and strategically placed her clinics in black neighborhoods. Sanger’s brainchild, Planned Parenthood, is held in very high regard by Democrats, with Hillary Clinton once saying that she is “really in awe” of Sanger. D’Souza also uses the analogy of street gangs to demonstrate how Hillary Clinton is just another part of the Democratic racket that has existed for almost 200 years.

The movie has a lengthy segment about Saul Alinsky, the author of  “Rules for Radicals” and the man who made community organizing popular amongst radicals and agitators. He came into contact with Frank Nitti and worked for some time with the Al Capone mob. He had no qualms about stealing money from a cafeteria chain on the grounds that his right to eat took priority over the cafeteria owner’s right to make money. There was also one scene where, when looking over account books, Alinsky questions why the mob would waste money on hiring a hitman from outside Chicago when they could kill someone with one of their own men. How sensitive! It turns out that a local hitman may have been too tender to kill someone he knows. This is the man that is the ideological mentor for both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, with Clinton writing her senior thesis on Alinsky.

It should be no surprise that in “Rule for Radicals” Alinsky asks his followers to forego moral principles in service of achieving a larger goal. Obama and Clinton have followed this commandment very well and have proven themselves to be star-pupils. The film uses Obamacare as the ultimate example of Alinsky tactics at work. It shows footage of Obama’s classic lie, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” It serves as an example of how Alinsky’s tactics are used to fool the American people into surrendering more freedom and money to the government. D’Souza fears that Hillary will use the same tactics Alinsky learned from the mob as president. Only this time, she will seek to have all of America dependent on the Democrats. I share the same concern.

I believe that voters in this country should make their decisions based on facts. I think this movie does present an untold history of the Democratic party that people who have been indoctrinated by the education system in this country do not know. This movie is therefore a must-see for those who seek to learn more about Hillary Clinton and her party. It would certainly be an eye-opener to those who believe that the Democrat Party is the party of Lincoln.

I give the movie 4 stars.