The Battle of Berkeley: Free Speech Triumphs

Yesterday, there was a clash between Antifa and Trump supporters at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Downtown Berkeley. A “Patriot’s Day” rally was organized by hundreds of Trump supporters at the park. The Trump supporters were descended upon by a horde of masked, black-clad hooligans who had come to violently disrupt a peaceful gathering. A total of sixteen people were arrested. Nine people were injured, with six of them being taken to the hospital, one of whom was stabbed. The reason I am doing a post on this is because we are seeing the battle for free speech literally unfold in front of our eyes. The feral left must be exposed and brought to heel if our country is to survive.

Mike Cernovich, a journalist and author of Gorilla Mindset, was present at Berkeley and dealt with violence first hand. Cernovich took the microphone in front of a group of anti-trump protestors and said, “Bill Clinton is a rapist. He raped Juanita Broderick and the media covered it up.” He promptly had the microphone taken from him and was surrounded by a group of leftists who were pushing him. Cernovich kept calm the entire time and two police officers escorted him away. He later had to defend himself from one rioter who attempted to punch him. This incident was one of many instances of violence committed by Antifa and other communist groups against people on the right. Antifa thugs also hurled bottles, bricks, rocks and M-80s at Trump supporters. Berkeley was scene to fights that were akin to Weimar Republic street brawls in the in 1930s. CNN has already reported this as a clash between pro- and anti-trump protestors, not naming the real perpetrators of the violence at Berkeley in their reporting. Antifa was not mentioned at all in their initial reports. It is up to citizens like us to unmask the feral left.

I’m glad to see that the Trump supporters who came to the event were organized and prepared for what Antifa was going to do that day. Many Trump supporters had helmets, respirators and gloves. The helmets proved to be a necessity as a video of a man with a gory head injury shows. The police were also reluctant to intervene in the situation, as Mother Jones reporter Shane Bauer witnessed while he was at the riots. According to Cernovich, the FBI opened an investigation into the mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin, for ordering the police to stand down during the riots at UC Berkeley in February. It would not be a stretch to say that the police were given similar orders yesterday. The Antifa thugs took full advantage of the inaction on the part of the police to enact violence.

To understand the mindset of these communist vandals, one only has to look at a recent interview with Yvette Felarca, a member of a group called By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). She is also a middle school teacher at the Berkeley Unified School District. Felarca organized the riot at UC Berkeley in February this year at an event for Milo Yiannopoulos. The rioters broke barricades, vandalized buildings and lit fires forcing Milo to cancel the event and be evacuated by security. “Milo is a fascist. He’s a white supremacist… He was on the UC Berkeley campus to recruit more fascists and to wage attacks on muslim students, immigrant students, women and trans students,” Felarca claimed during the interview. This is a classic form of project on the part of people on the left, where she accuses Milo of doing exactly what she is doing. She violently suppressed Milo’s right to free speech and then calls him a fascist afterwards. “I think the left has been far too timid for far too long,” Felarca added. She wants to see more violence committed on the part of those on the left in order to advance their far-left agenda. The interviewer then asked her about complaints coming from business owners in the area who were upset with the vandalism inflicted on their businesses, Felarca blamed the chancellor of UC Berkeley. “Chancellor Dirks is responsible for anything that happened…he had a chance to cancel the event to make sure it didn’t happen.” What an atrocious and despicable woman. She organized a massive riot leading to vandalized property and physical injuries and then had the unmitigated gall to blame the chancellor of UC Berkeley for not cancelling the event. She had “no regrets” for bringing mass destruction to Berkeley because it was an act of self-defense against fascists.

The purpose of these riots is to force anyone who is not on the far-left out of the realm of political discourse. These communist agitators seek to intimidate those who do not agree with them into silence through verbal abuse and acts of violence. This violence is not just targeted at those on the right, but also centrists who do not agree with the far-left. The protestors, who think like Felarca, feel that those who disagree with them are the real fascists and claim to defend the country from the fascist mob. By framing the conflict in this manner, they can excuse their own violent actions while silencing everyone who disagrees with them. Their end goal is to impose their far-left agenda on a population that is terrified to speak the truth. The violence that occurred at Berkeley yesterday reveals that America dodged a bullet by not electing Hillary Clinton as president. Clinton never condemned any of the violence directed towards Trump supporters during the election, nor has she condemned the riots that occurred yesterday. These rioters could have had someone who was sympathetic to them in the most powerful office in the world. Dissenting voices would most likely have been suppressed through the force of the government had Clinton been elected.

If you have any regard for the country you live in, it is your duty to join us in the fight against these hoodlums who would tear our civilization apart. These people will not stop until everyone is forced into compliance with their militant-communist agenda. Free speech won yesterday at Berkeley as Trump supporters outnumbered Antifa and were willing to fight back to defend themselves. However, the riots at Berkeley will not be the last we see of Antifa. I hope that the images from these riots provoke a self-defense response in all freedom-loving Americans to protect our country from the threat of the feral left.