Donald Trump’s Inauguration: The Riots

Friday, January 20th, was a wonderful day for the American people. We finally inaugurated a president who will not be beholden to special interests and will fulfill his campaign promises with a compliant congress. Those of us who supported Trump are overjoyed. Unfortunately, this cheerful occasion was sullied by riots and violence on the part of the left. What we have seen over the last few days reveals that we are literally at war with those who are against freedom, do not respect human rights and are willing to use violence against to promote their ideology. Our country will not survive if we do not acknowledge this reality and fight back against those who would plunge our nation into chaos.

When people run out of words and arguments, they turn to punches and bricks. This is the point that the left is at right now in America. We have seen riots in Washington D.C. during the inauguration. Only look at Lauren Southern’s video of the riots. They are seen the smashing windows of a Starbucks and a branch of Bank of America. They even charged the riot police. Tear gas was used against them. Many of them were seen carrying the red and black anarcho-communist flag. I am glad to see that they are being clear about who they are: communists. They claim to be anti-fascist, but then violently try to suppress those who disagree with them. These riots are only going to turn more people against the left and persuade them to support Donald Trump. The American people can see the character of those who oppose Trump very clearly in these riots. There has not been a word of condemnation from anyone in the media or progressives in general against these riots. In fact, the media does not even deign to call them riots, but rather protests. These people are not protestors. They form phalanxes, assault people and destroy private property. So much for taking the high road. They are an existential threat to our civilization. Figures in the media also do not acknowledge that these rioters are communists. It is up to us as freedom-loving people to recognize them for who they are and condemn them.

The rioters also shouted mindless slogans like, “love Trump’s hate” and “make racists afraid again.” These words are meant to deceive those who have decency and values and use their morals against them. The left does not have morals, as you can see in the video of the riots. It is meant to appeal to the good nature of those who have moral standards and oppose racism. The rioters claim to be loving, but are actually the greatest propagators of hatred in our country. They physically attack Trump supporters and commit acts of vandalism. The rioters also claim to be against racism, but they themselves are the most racist people in our country. Only look at the way the left treats black conservatives. They are repeatedly called uncle toms and sellouts for expressing their opinions and leaving the Democratic plantation. The left believes that all black people must think the same way and vote for the Democrats. Any black person who does not do this is not a “real” black person in their eyes. This same principle applies to women who are on the right. They are also targets of vitriol and are told that they are betraying their sex. Only look at the way the left treated Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schlafly. Whenever leftists accuse you of racism or sexism, they are projecting their own beliefs onto you. Idaho Democratic Party Executive Director and DNC Chair candidate Sally Boynton Brown embodied this when she proclaimed that “my job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, oh, no, I’m not prejudiced. I’m a Democrat. I’m accepting.’ My job is to make sure that they get that they have privilege.” Brown does not even see how accusing white people of being racist because of the color of their skin is racist in itself. In fact, she has the gall to tell us that she is “accepting.” It seems that her acceptance is only given anyone who is not white.

Another example of the maliciousness is what they planned to do at Mike Cernovich’s “Deploraball.” It was a black-tie event held at the National Press Club that was meant to celebrate Trump’s victory. Project Veritas revealed that members of the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition, a radical leftist group, planned to attack the event with butyric acid, or rather a stink bomb. It turned out that four members of that organization had bought tickets to the event. This was a real safety threat. Scott Ryan Charney, 34, was arrested Jan. 19, hours before the event. He is charged with conspiracy to commit assault, a misdemeanor. The other three terrorists are at large as of now. Riots broke out outside of the event, with riot police using pepper spray grenades against the rioters. This is how insane and despicable the left has become in our country.

Perhaps the most disgusting example of leftist violence is what happened at the University of Washington. Milo Yiannopoulos gave a speech at the university where a person was shot in the abdomen. The Seattle police are currently looking for a suspect who is described as an Asian male around the age of 50. The shooting took place after Milo took the stage to address his audience. Even after he was told there was a shooting, Milo insisted on continuing his speech. “The police have told me that it is indeed the case. We don’t really have a protocol for this. I don’t know if it was a fatality or not. Until I do know that, my suggestion is that the show should go on.” Milo went on to say “if I stopped my event now, we are sending a clear message that they can stop our events by killing people. I am not prepared to do that.” Those who attended the talk had to be escorted out by police through an underground parking garage and were advised to remove their Trump hats. You now need to have an entire battalion of police officers to give a speech at an American college today.

The violence that is being committed by leftists is meant to intimidate and scare people who do and will disagree with them in the future. If you were to see something that the left does in the future and find it unacceptable, you will remember all these riots and assaults and keep your mouth closed. That is the goal of these rioters. They want to scare you into submission through violence. A fundraiser email from the Clinton campaign stated a clear intention to destroy Breitbart news so that “their kind never rises again.” The rioters and other leftists would have attacked all of their detractors even if Hillary had won. That was their plan to consolidate power. The intimidation would have been far worse if Trump had not prevailed.

I believe the best way to fight back is through words and unfettered condemnation. If we remain silent, this violence will continue to spread and become normalized in our society. This election was really the last chance for us to save our country. These riots make that all the more clear. If we have any care for our civilization or our posterity, we must banish this brutality from our nation and our minds. We can do this by destroying the root of all of this corruption: the mainstream media and academia. The rioters were propagandized by the media who told them that Donald Trump is a racist, sexist fascist who would deport all the immigrants and do away with women’s rights. Ashley Judd even said that she “feels Hitler in these streets” at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. They feel that they are justified in acting violent in opposition to such a dire threat. The media did everything thing it could to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, and are now doing everything they can to hound him out. The best things we can do to counter the media is to deny them viewership and spread the truth through the internet. Alternative media sources turned the mainstream news outlets into dinosaurs through their use of the internet. They were able to bypass the media’s filter and report news directly. Wikileaks is the prime example of this. This election has shown that the media’s hold of the American people has been broken, and it is up to alternative sources to bring facts to the public.

Academia has also fed into this by filling the minds of young people with lies about the world such as the patriarchy and institutional racism. It stripped their students of their agency, critical thinking skills and ability to see the world as it is. Instead, they have been instilled with a profound sense of unearned moral righteousness by their professors. The professors are using them as foot soldiers in their goal of turning America into a neo-marxist state. Those unfortunate young people who fall into this trap have their lives destroyed. Many of those who were arrested during the riots face felony charges. Millions of students in our country are also stocks with thousands of dollars of debt over degrees that provided them with no economic value, but rather indoctrinated them with progressive lies. This is a most malicious form of exploitation and it is morally atrocious. We can counter this by exposing those professors who do indoctrinate students and deny funding to universities that tolerate violent, anti-American ideologies.

It is up to us as citizens to work to preserve our country in the face of the existential threat presented to us by the left. We have a chance with this administration to take our country back, and must now begin the work of restoring America to its former glory.

The West’s Disease: Anti-White Racism

Over the last week, I have been feeling disgusted and irate over the kidnapping and torture of a mentally handicapped 18-year-old in Chicago. I saw the video and could not begin to imagine the terror that poor young man felt as his assailants beat him, forced him to drink toilet water and scalped him. The four kidnappers were identified by the police yesterday as Jordan Hill, 18; Tesfaye Cooper, 18; Brittany Covington, 18; and Tanishia Covington, 25. In the video, they are seen cutting of parts of the victim’s clothes, hitting him, threatening him and cutting hair off of his scalp, causing bleeding. It is estimated that the victim was with the attackers for between 24 and 48 hours. All four face multiple felony charges, including for kidnapping, battery and hate crimes. We have still yet to hear whether the hate crime is based on he victim’s mental handicap or his race. One attacker shouted “fuck white people” and “fuck Donald Trump.” I cannot imagine how they could not be charged with a racial hate crime.

Unfortunately, Chicago police commander Kevin Duffin was willing to make excuses for the attackers, saying that it was a “stupid mistake” on the part of young adults. He went on to say “that certainly will be part of whether or not a hate crime – whether we seek a hate crime and determine whether or not this is sincere or just stupid ranting and raving.” If four young whites had kidnapped a special needs 18-year-old black man, tortured him, and streamed it on Facebook, would there be any excuse-making or hesitance in calling this a hate crime? There would be riots all across the country on a scale that would make Ferguson and Baltimore look like picnics. The media would be up in arms about how Donald Trump’s election has empowered white racism in America. This is the revolting double standard that the progressives have created. This is also the result of eight years of Barack Obama, the supposed racial healer, being in the White House. Race relations in America have been set back perhaps more than half a century due to the racist narrative perpetuated by progressives and the media.

America has had a long and glorious history of moral progress, especially with the issue of race. No other nation in human history has faced the challenges of race relations to the extent that the United States has. The Union sacrificed 350,000 lives in the Civil War to put an end to slavery. America then had a Civil Rights movement to guarantee blacks their rights under the constitution. Unfortunately, the bigotry that was directed towards blacks has now reversed itself. Whites are the only ethnic group that are acceptable targets of racial abuse. They are repeatedly told that they are racist simply because they are white, and that their very existence is predicated on the oppression of minorities, particularly blacks. Whites have also been brainwashed into thinking that voting in their own interest or showing any sort of in-group preference is a form of racism or nazism. As someone who opposes racism, I find the amount of racism directed towards whites appalling, and it has to stop. In this post, I will reveal the bigotry of the progressive mindset and debunk the falsehood of white racism. The implications of anti-white racism threaten the survival of Western Civilization as a whole.

Anti-white racism is a concoction of progressives, seeking to divide the country along racial lines. It is a part of “identity politics,” which admonishes whites, blaming them for all the sins of America and giving them credit for none of her achievements. A favorite term used by progressives is “institutional racism,” a fictional construct which they use to explain all disparities between whites and blacks. They must use this term because, although “institutional racism” was outlawed decades ago, real racists are very hard to find. Progressives are unable to point to any person or law that is racist in intent. Instead, they would prefer to fight a phantom by saying that racism is covert and “institutional.” This is a cheap and harmful way to pander to black Americans by excusing them of moral responsibility for their own actions. For example, progressives say that black students do not do as well in school due to racist whites. “When will we address the effect that rich white people think they know what’s in the best interest of children of African Americans and Latinos, no matter what the parents’ income or education level?” said Karen Lewis, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union in 2013. I would bet that neither Lewis nor any of her progressive allies would have have the courage to go up to a white person and call them racist to their face. Progressives instead choose to infantilize blacks by telling them that they are not capable of succeeding on their own, and need the help of progressives to advance themselves in the face of white racism. That proposition is condescending and racist. Unfortunately, there are many black Americans that have bought into this message and propagate it themselves.

Black Lives Matter, for instance, has taken hatred towards whites to absurdity by claiming that America is a “white supremacist nation.” That statement reveals the deranged hatred of whites that BLM activists have. “White supremacy — that’s a system you benefited from and you’re no longer going to benefit from it,” blared the leader of a BLM demonstration in Philadelphia through a bullhorn. America has twice elected a black president, has had two successive black attorney generals, two black secretaries of state, a black four-star general as head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and thousands of elected black congressman, mayors, judges and police chiefs. Calling America “white supremacist” trivializes the struggles of the civil rights movement and is hostile to blacks, who have more opportunities here than in any other nation run by blacks on this planet. It also detaches blacks from their cultural contributions to America.

Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization that is the primary proponent of the white supremacist narrative. They are openly hostile towards cops, both in their rhetoric and their actions. They riot and call for violence against the police (What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!). Their wish was granted when one of their sympathizers gunned down 5 police officers in Dallas. Black Lives Matter justifies its terrorism and racism by claiming they are fighting against the oppression of blacks in the United States. Marissa Jenae Johnson, the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Seattle Chapter lambasted whites when she said, “Do you know how horrific it is to grow up as a child in a world that so hates you? While you’re literally being gunned down in the street, while you’re being rounded up and mass incarcerated and forced into prison slavery.” Johnson’s claims are easily refuted by the facts.

White Americans do not hate blacks and are not gunning them down in the street or forcing them into “prison slavery.” Crime data shows that in 2015 officers killed 662 whites and Hispanics, and 258 blacks. (The overwhelming majority of all those police-shooting victims were attacking the officer, often with a gun.) Over the past decade, according to FBI data, 40% of cop killers have been black. Officers are killed by blacks at a rate 2.5 times higher than the rate at which blacks are killed by police. In 2014, there were 6,095 black homicide deaths compared to only 5,397 homicide deaths for whites and hispanics, who make up about 80% of the population. More than 90% of blacks who were murdered that year were murdered by other blacks. It is not racist white police officers who are gunning down blacks in the street, but rather black criminals. The real oppressors of the black community are the Black Lives Matter activists and their progressive allies through their enabling of the criminal element in the inner cities.

With regards to arrest rates, we need to put the police’s actions into context. We cannot have an honest conversation about law enforcement interactions with blacks without talking about black crime rates. Heather McDonald, a scholar at the Manhattan Institute has researched and debunked the lies of Black Lives Matter in her video for Prager University.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, blacks were charged with 62% of all robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults in the 75 largest U.S. counties in 2009, even though they made up roughly 15% of the population there. In New York City, blacks commit over three quarters of all shootings, though they are only 25% of the city’s population. Whites, by contrast, commit only 2% of all shootings, though they are 34% of the population. As MacDonald says, “there is no government agency more dedicated to the proposition that black lives matter than the police.” Harvard economics professer Roland Fryer analyzed more than 1,000 officer-involved shootings across the country. He concluded that there is zero evidence of racial bias in police shootings. In Houston, he found that blacks were 24% less likely than whites to be shot be officers, even when the suspects were armed or violent. Clearly, the truth does not matter to Black Lives Matter activists, who would rather demagogue their way into political power and influence. White Americans should not be made to feel guilty by Black Lives Matter, because the facts show that BLM is lying.

When a progressive argues that minorities are being oppressed in America, one only has to point to Asians to show that they are wrong. Among the race groups, Asian households had the highest median income in 2012 ($68,636). The median income for non-Hispanic White households was $57,009. The top three ethnic groups in terms of median income in 2014 were Indians ($101,591), Taiwanese ($85,566) and Filipinos ($82,389). If whites are so racist, why do Asians outperform them economically in a majority white country? Oppressed groups do not have the highest median incomes in the country. Are we to conclude that whites are somehow pro-Asian? No. Asians actually faced historic discrimination in the past as well. In spite of this, they are still successful. Today, Asians are discriminated against when they apply to universities thanks to affirmative action. They have to clear a higher bar than black students to get into the university of their choice. Blacks are the only ones who have positive discrimination in America. When it comes to white privilege, everything that progressives claim as advantages for whites exist to an even larger degree for Asians.

Whites have been continuously accused of being racist simply for being white. That itself is a racist proposition, because it judges whites by their skin color rather than their character. Bigotry towards whites is every bit as immoral as racism towards blacks was in the past. Whites are also accused of racism whenever they vote in their own interests. On the post-election episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, host Samantha Bee declared that “it’s pretty clear who ruined America: white people.” If any television host were to say that “black people ruined America,” what do you think the media reaction would be? Why is it acceptable to only attack whites in that manner? This is because progressives are simply driven by a hatred of whites. MTV recently removed a video titled “2017 New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys.” The title alone reveals the racism of the progressives at MTV news, and their belief that they can display their racism with impunity. I am glad that MTV was made to delete the video in response to the fierce backlash they received online, with the dislike to like ratio being close to 150 to 1. MTV’s racism, however, will remain online forever. The people in the video condescendingly talk to white males about how they should stop “mansplaining” and that they are still racist even if they have black friends. White males are the main targets of vitriol from those on the left. This year has been particularly angered progressives, who blame racist white males for Trump’s election, although that is not true. The reason Trump was elected was because the American people (particularly whites) are angry and annoyed with identity politics and race-baiting that has come from the left for decades. Trump’s election and the resentment over MTV’s video are a manifestation of the anger that the American people have towards progressives. I predict that this will further reveal itself in changes in society at large, particularly with policies that favor minorities over whites.

Every other ethnic group in America has its own advocacy groups, except for whites. There is no white equivalent of the NAACP. If there was such a group, it would immediately be painted as a racist organization. When I attended university, I saw groups and clubs for every ethnicity of students on campus except whites. This hostility to in-group preference on the part of whites puts whites at a disadvantage not only in the United States, but around the world. Although I do not like seeing ethnic groups vying with each other politically, whites will have to advocate for their own interests if they are to survive. The Movement for Black Lives, an organization made up of 28 regional member BLM groups, has a list of demands on its website. It advocates for reparations for slavery, which will inevitably come out of the pockets of white Americans. It also calls for further redistributions of wealth to black Americans to level the economic playing field. It is lamentable that whites are willing to tolerate all of this as a form of ethnomasochism.

When every other ethnic group on the planet except whites is acting in its own self-interest, whites are going to lose. The inability of whites, particularly in Europe, to advocate for their own interests has led to a civilization threatening migrant crisis. The acceptance of migrants is being done under the auspices of multiculturalism. Strangely, multiculturalism is only being imposed on majority-white countries. Japan and South Korea are developed nations with high standards of living and are almost entirely ethnically homogeneous. There is no demand for them to take in third world migrants, or make their countries less Japanese or Korean. The demographic change is only being asked of America and Europe. TeleSUR notes that “no Gulf country has signed the U.N. Convention on Refugees, an accord standardizing the level of treatment of people fleeing to new countries.” No refugees have been accepted by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, or the United Arab Emirates. This is in spite of Saudi Arabia having 100,000 air-conditioned tents sitting empty, with the capacity to hold three million people. The demands for more refugees to enter Europe actually comes from whites themselves. No other race of people are asking for their society to become more racially diverse than whites. This is because of the perception that having a majority white country is an inherently bad thing, and that immigrants from the third world must be brought in for the sake of diversity.

The political parties in Europe that are against bringing in more refugees are accused of racism and xenophobia without any evidence. Europeans who are against bringing more migrants in are instead told how immoral their civilization is and that they need to be more tolerant. Angela Merkel admonished her own citizens, lecturing them on “how rich European history is of dramatic and gruesome conflict and war.” She went on to say that Germans should be careful of complaining if things are going wrong elsewhere because “we have absolutely no ground to stand on.” Merkel sees the migrant crisis as a form of punishment for nazism and provoking World War II. Given the amount of support Merkel has, it seems that there are many white Germans who have suicidal self-hatred of their own civilization and culture. An August 21 poll for German broadcaster ZDF showed that 60% of Germans thought their country could cope with the high number of refugees, and 86% said that Germany was a country of immigration. A country of immigration is not a country, because it does not have values that it seeks to preserve and have immigrants assimilate to. It is just a vessel that absorbs whatever culture the immigrants bring with them. The migrant crisis is fueled by the belief that Western Civilization and whites are bad for the world, and must be replaced by foreign cultures. Demographics show that the replacement is well underway.

Germany has taken in about 1.8 million migrants in total, which is about 2.2% of the total population. With family reunification, the number could increase to 6.4 million, which would be about 8% of the total population. Moreover, the migrants are almost exclusively men between the ages of 20 and 35. The number of native, European-German men within that demographic in Germany is 11.5 million. There are 3.5 million of immigrant background in that age group. By the year 2020, there will be 2 million successful asylum applicants. Due to family reunification, there would be about three or four more people entering Germany for each asylum applicant. Of the 23 million people between the ages of 20 and 35, 11.5 million will be of immigrant background by 2020. White Germans, who make Germany the country that it is, will become an outright minority in this age category in four years. Looking ahead 30 years, the elderly population of Germany will die off and the migrants, who have much higher fertility rates than white Germans, will become a majority in Germany. If Germany does not institute policies to stop this surge of migrants from the Middle East, it will cease to exist. Forever.

What is even more heartbreaking is that this replacement is being funded by white German taxpayers. The vast majority of the migrants who come to Europe go on welfare and claim benefits for multiple wives and their entire brood of children. They are also unemployable because they do not speak German and most are illiterate in their own language. Germans do not have the money to raise their own children as it is being taken from them in the form of taxation to pay for the migrants. This is a demographic disaster. When migrants enter Germany, it does not result in Germany plus migrants. It is Germany plus migrants and minus Germans. Ethnic Germans are being cuckolded out of existence by their own government.

The President of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, was very poignant in his analysis of the situation. “For us today, what is at stake is Europe, the lifestyle of European citizens, European values, the survival or disappearance of European nations, and more precisely formulated, their transformation beyond recognition. Today, the question is not merely in what kind of a Europe we would like to live, but whether everything we understand as Europe will exist at all.” If Europe ceases to exist, it will also mean that whites as a demographic are likely to whittle away or be made to submit to shariah law. There is a sense that whites must submit to the migrants as a form of atonement for their perceived sins of colonialism, imperialism and racism. Fierce propaganda has inundated the continent with that message and stripped white Europeans of any pride they have in themselves or their civilization.

Of all the ethnic groups on the whites are the only group that are not allowed to have pride in their history or culture. Instead, whites are only allowed to have self-hatred, guilt and the endless need to genuflect in front of all the other races and cultures in the world to prove how tolerant they are. The demonization and racism towards whites must be put to an end if Western Civilization is to survive. Western Civilization was built by white Europeans, and provided us with separation of church and state, women’s rights, gay rights, scientific progress, and the most free and prosperous societies the world has ever known. The racism directed towards whites is a direct attack on Western Civilization. If you value any of the contributions that Western Civilization has made to your life and the world as a whole you would oppose the racism that is directed towards the one ethnic group that has made it all possible. If current trends continue, whites will be demographically replaced by foreign cultures and turn into minorities in their own countries. Given the level of hatred directed at whites today, do you expect them to be a well-treated minority? Can we reasonably expect whites to be treated as well as they treat the minorities in their countries today? If whites do not push back against this racism, their culture and their very race will head to oblivion. Nature does not care if whites do not survive, it is just a competition for resources and who is best able to gather them and pass on their genes. The question that we face as a civilization is: Do we care enough to protect ourselves from the disease of racism and save our civilization from destruction?