Disease and Lies: The End of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Yesterday, we received news from a law enforcement source that Hillary Clinton had a “medical episode” at a 9/11 commemoration ceremony. She was reported to have staggered and tripped on a curb as three other people helped her into her car. NBC reported that the NYPD was sent to retrieve her shoe. We also know from her doctor that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. After more than an hour of silence, the Clinton’s campaign said that she felt “overheated.” She went from the event to Chelsea Clinton’s apartment and later emerged to tell reporters that she is “feeling great.” After Clinton left the ceremony, the reporters that were following her were prevented from leaving the media area for a period of time.

This has got to be the end of Hillary’s campaign. I cannot see how she can continue to run with any semblance of credibility. Clinton herself denied any concerns people may have about her health, saying that they were a part of a “wacky strategy” cooked up by rival Donald Trump as he embraced an “alternative reality.” The video of her going on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and opening an already opened pickle jar is sure to go down in infamy. All of the people in the media who participated in attacking those who questioned her health or played any part in covering it up are finished. This latest episode has exposed how partisan and corrupt the media is. This bias towards Hillary’s campaign has existed for years, with CNN morning anchor Chris Cuomo saying in 2014, “We’ll see. We couldn’t help her any more than we have. She’s got just a free ride, so far, from the media. We’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign. So, it better happen.” This was regards to the media urging her to announce her bid for the presidency. They were already set to support her even before she started her campaign. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC also said that “this whole fever dream has percolated up through so much of the right-wing media and onto Fox News.” Both of them, along with everyone else who tried to dismiss Clinton’s health issues as a conspiracy theory have egg on their faces.

The ramifications of this new information are truly astounding.

This election is perhaps the most high stakes election in American history. After this election, only one of the two parties in this country will remain standing. Should Hillary Clinton win, she will continue to allow illegal immigration to continue and perhaps even pass amnesty for them. The demographics of the nation will continue to shift to allow more reliable democrat voters to come in from Mexico and the Third World. This will sink the chances of Republicans ever winning a national election ever again. Should Donald Trump win, he will most likely build the wall and change the demographics in the other direction with deportations and a tightening of immigration, removing millions from the Democratic base. He is also breaking up the traditional Democratic coalition. His support amongst gay Americans has been bolstered due to his libertarian stance on the issue and his support for the gay community after the Orlando shooting. His recent speeches to the black community have also increased his support amongst black Americans. If he does win, he could destroy the Democratic base and sink their party’s election chances forever. Furthermore, he could appoint originalist Supreme Court justices and block any chance of liberal legislation from being upheld.

Hillary’s supporters in the media understand all of the implications of a Trump or Hillary victory. This is why they went all in for Clinton. This is why they told lies about her health and smeared Donald Trump with as many ridiculous allegations as they could muster. From this point, I think there are three possibilities of what will happen going forward: the Democrats look for a replacement for Clinton, Donald Trump is assassinated, or Clinton continues her campaign.

If there is a replacement for Hillary, I think it will be Joe Biden. If Trump was beating Hillary badly earlier in the race, Biden would have entered. Biden may very well have had a chance of beating Trump if he ran. He would come off as much more personable and kind to the American people than Trump would, even though Trump may have better policy prescriptions. However, it is too late to replace Clinton at this point. There are less than two months to go and adding a new candidate two weeks before the first presidential debate would be chaotic. I do not think the Democrats will take this course of action, but this crazy election cycle has proven that anything is possible.

With regards to Donald Trump, I would increase his security and maintain tight surveillance on him if I were a member of his campaign. With this news, I think the only way the Democrats may win the election is if Trump is assassinated. I am not insinuating that the Democrat party itself will organize the attempt. I believe that there will be an enormous amount of vitriol put out by the Democrats and their lackeys in the media to anger someone with a mental illness or a propensity for violence enough to assassinate Trump. The media has tried to agitate people to harm Trump as well as start riots as Trump rallies. We have already seen one case in which a British man tried to steal an police officer’s gun at a Trump rally in an attempt to assassinate the Republican candidate. He plead not guilty to the charges. I also fear that the people who are invested in the current system continuing, like lobbyists and special interests, may try to organize an assassination attempt themselves. I think that calls for Trump’s assassination will probably increase in the future. If there is a successful assassination attempt, it will most certainly lead to Hillary being elected president.

If Clinton continues her moribund campaign, she will have to face the wrath of Donald Trump during the debates as well as contend with questions about her health. Clinton and her supporters in the media have already been discredited on this issue. Since the “wacky theory” about her health has been proven true, I think the American people will question everything that comes out of her mouth. Clinton herself may not have the physical strength to continue the campaign. This will become obvious over the next two months. If she continues, Clinton will not only lose the election, but also take the Democrat party and the mainstream media down with her. Such a collapse will profoundly change the political landscape in America, and perhaps allow for the formation of a more honest and less corrupt system.

As things stand now, Trump clearly has the upper hand going into November. However, this election cycle has been anything but predictable.  One thing is for certain, the Democratic party has acted with clear disregard for the welfare of the country by nominating someone they did not vet properly. Vetting is not just to assess someone’s character, but also to assess their physical health. It is not an act of compassion for the country to continue to allow someone with significant health issues to run for such a high-stress position. Could you imagine her passing out or needing long naps when negotiating with hostile foreign leaders? What if she does not have the physical stamina to handle domestic affairs? These are questions that all Americans should ask themselves before they go out to vote. I believe the answers are already apparent.

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